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Just reflecting on some things we heard and saw. Not sure where this will take us.

All teams break even

The past few years have seen the rise of commercial endeavors by collegiate rugby teams. More teams are embracing a professional approach and more schools are embracing those teams, if not creating them in the first place. The result is a more competitive environment not only on the field but off of it. “Branding” and […]

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Random thoughts from USA Rugby’s College 7s

I recently was fortunate enough to attend USA Rugby’s Collegiate Sevens National Championships in College Station, TX. I encourage you to take a look at the YouTube replays or the ESPN3 coverage if you haven’t. For those of you that weren’t in attendance, I figured I would jot down my highlights from the weekend as […]

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Growing a culture

People often ask me why I play rugby or how I got involved with the sport. I usually respond… “I fell in love instantly or it’s simply the best sport.” While these explanations are accurate, I often find myself neglecting the true reason I’m enamored with the sport… It creates better people. I believe rugby […]

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What is the Rugby Community?

People always talk about the rugby community and how it is like family. So far from all of my experiences in rugby I have found this to be true. What exactly is the rugby community? To me, the rugby community encompasses everyone involved in rugby as players, coaches, administrators, fans, and supporters. And everyone in […]

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What will be American about how Americans play rugby?

My colleagues Matt and Eric have already written really amazing pieces, full of both optimism and healthy doses of realism, and it’s daunting to think that I’m going next. I hope that I will be able to contribute a perspective that is both unique and provocative in its own way. That said, I want to […]

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