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On Hosting the 7s Rugby World Cup

Recently, USA Rugby announced their intent to bid for the 2018 Rugby 7s World Cup. The news sparked a bit of excitement in the rugby community. With the recent success of the Vegas 7s and CRC, combined with the advent of the Olympic Rugby Quadrennial makes the idea of hosting a 7s RWC in the […]

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USA U-20s v Senior Eagles scrimmage

Pathway on Display Earlier this summer I was fortunate enough to witness the USA Rugby player pathway on display as it has never been before. In these days where national team assemblies are rare, costly, and generally held overseas, it’s not often that we see our age-grade sides competing in the same place at the […]

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Changing the American rugby world-view

Hi. My name is Eric. Welcome to GrowRugby. I thought I’d make my opening post on this blog of ours a sort of manifesto, a few words that lay out my personal ethos on growing rugby in America, and reason for contributing to this publication. So, if you’re reading this you probably like rugby. You like playing, […]

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