On Hosting the 7s Rugby World Cup

Recently, USA Rugby announced their intent to bid for the 2018 Rugby 7s World Cup. The news sparked a bit of excitement in the rugby community. With the recent success of the Vegas 7s and CRC, combined with the advent of the Olympic Rugby Quadrennial makes the idea of hosting a 7s RWC in the […]

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Q&A about Wake Forest coaching position

Recently, Wake Forest announced they would be hiring a paid head coach. As professional coaching is still rare in our game, we thought to ask a few questions on how they are making this work. Pat Kane, Head Coach Emeritus, and Andrew Gentles ’05, President of the Wake Forest Rugby Foundation were gracious enough to […]

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All teams break even

The past few years have seen the rise of commercial endeavors by collegiate rugby teams. More teams are embracing a professional approach and more schools are embracing those teams, if not creating them in the first place. The result is a more competitive environment not only on the field but off of it. “Branding” and […]

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Q&A with Illinois’s Mike Waszkowski

Mike Waszkowski is the President of the University of Illinois Rugby Football Club. Illinois recently moved up from Division 2 to join the Big Ten in D1-A. Their development has been a great success and they have qualified for the Big Ten semi-finals this spring where they will play Ohio State. Mike was kind enough […]

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Random thoughts from USA Rugby’s College 7s

I recently was fortunate enough to attend USA Rugby’s Collegiate Sevens National Championships in College Station, TX. I encourage you to take a look at the YouTube replays or the ESPN3 coverage if you haven’t. For those of you that weren’t in attendance, I figured I would jot down my highlights from the weekend as […]

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